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We offer a variety of services and solutions for engineering sector. The eight major areas of our services are Engineering Projects,Engineering Designing,Engneering Drafting,Corporate Training Courses,Testing Equipment Rentals,Printing and Copying,Project Support ,Recruirment Support.

We listen and understand Customer's requirements exactly and deliver the right solutions and services accordingly. We offer services at competitive prices without compromising on quality.

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Engineering Projects

  • Power system design,installation,testing and commissioning.
  • Maintenace of power system and equipments.
  • Design,installation,testing and commissioning of Pipe and cable laying works for electrical and electronics works.
  • Any power system related customised projects on specific request.


Engineering Designing

Primary Engineering

  • Substation Fault /short circuit Calculation
  • Substation Earthing and earth grids calculation
  • Substation Battery,charger sizing and UPS sizing
  • Power and Auxiliary equipments Cable sizing
  • Low Voltage AC & DC distribution systems settings, grading & co-ordination studies
  • CT/VT Compatibility Calculations
  • Formulation of Technical specifications for Substation equipments & auxiliaries
  • Formulation of Testing Plan and Inspection procedures for substation equipments and auxiliaries
  • Substation Cable spider or termination engineering documentation
  • Substation Cable schedules and interface documentation
  • Substation projects site survey support and documentation
  • Power system grounding
  • Any power system related customised primary design services on specific request.

Secondary Engineering

  • CT /VT/CVT Sizing calculations for substation automation projects.
  • Power system protection relay settings database calculation using the tools such as proprietary tools, PSCAD, ETAP as required
  • Power system protection relaying selectivity studies
  • Numerical technology protection & control relays setting & configuration & documentation support
  • Power system protection fault or incident analysis and design reviews with recommendations
  • Power system protection relays installation and commissioning methodology and documentation
  • Power system Protection & Control base design, engineering and schematics, engineering delivery
  • Power system Protection & Control schematics detailed engineering design.
  • Power system Protection & Control schematics AS-BUILT design & delivery.
  • Power system Protection relays, Metering & Control Panels Manufacturing, documentation support
  • Power system Protection & control interfacing Cable spider or termination interface
  • Cable schedules formulation for Power system Protection, metering, monitoring & Automation systems
  • Power system protection relaying and control schematics design for retrofitting and revamping projects
  • Any power system related customised secondary design servises on specific request.

Engineering Design and Drafting

  • Automated electric circuit construction for substation schematics, one line, wiring and, looping diagrams
  • Power system Protection & Control schemes Base design in ACAD
  • Power system Protection & Control schemes Detailed engineering design in ACAD
  • Power system Protection & Control schemes AS-BUILT in ACAD
  • Bill of materials, cable schedules, interconnection reports, wire label/ferrule list, loop
  • diagrams, wirings/terminal strip diagrams.
  • Any power system related customised design and drafting servises on specific request.


Engineering Drafting

  • Offering services for AutoCAD and Micro Station domains
  • Conversion of all CAD documents from PDF, tiff, jpeg, giff, bmp, png, to a perfectly accurate, multi-layer electronic CAD drawing
  • Raster (Hard Copy) to Vector (Soft Copy) Conversion utilizing Vectorization


Structural Design

  • Structural Design Calculations using International Codes & GASCO DGS
  • British, American & Euro Codes
  • Architectural, Civil & Structural Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Project Specifications
  • Coordination between other disciplines
  • Design Calculations for Special Structures


Printing & Copying

  • B & W, Full-Color Digital Copying, B & W Full-Color Digital Printing, Full-Color Digital Drawings, Plotting.
  • Document Design large-format, Color Printing/Mounting, Booklets & Binding
  • Hardcopy to Softcopy; Conversion/Scanning, Copying & Binding


Project Support

The company offers the following professional services:

  • Site Engineers
  • Testing Engineers
  • Commissioning Engineers
  • Engineering Faculties
  • Management Faculties
  • Supervisors
  • Project Planners
  • Facility Coordinators
  • Technicians
  • Inspectors
  • Microstation Operators
  • AutoCAD Operators
  • Technical Assistants
  • Field Engineers
  • Drafters
  • Testers
  • Surveyors
  • As-Built Personnel
  • Data Technicians
  • Document Controllers


Recruitment Support

  • We provide our clients with effective solutions to their human resource requirements.
  • We administer pre-screening and pre-qualification interviews among the applicants to ensure that we shortlist only the best qualified candidates for your approval.
  • Our system of selection and shortlisting ensure that we recruit only the best suitable candidate/s for the job, amenable to your salary offer and willing to relocate to your area of operations.
  • We have in our database a pool of highly qualified Engineers specialized in their own fields.

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